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Course of live

Gregor Darius Haiduk was born on the 29th of March 1967 in Nikolai, Poland, as the eldest of two brothers.
He grew up in Wesel, Germany, where his remarkable creative talent developped early.

After he had finished school, his parents, who were rather conservative, urged him to take up a "sound" Profession.
But his job as a trainend retail salesmann failed to satisfy him.
So he began to study architecture in Trier. But he had to realize that he could not reconcile his personal style with the prevalent conventions.

He wanted to express himself in objects or buildings, and could not accept the traditional pragmatism in forming objects. He kept on thinking about this conflict after his graduation.
In order to act upon his individual ideas he learned how to run a firm an started his own extraordinary business in 1998.
Now he has found his special way of artistic expression in design coffins and urns; in this field he sets the human personality against the conventional rationalism.

After various successes in Germany he has been valued for the last two years all over Europe.

At the moment Gregor Darius Haiduk is working on new creations.

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