Address Fa. COFFIN -TEC
Coffin and urn design
spatial conception and planning of
business premises
Liegnitzer Straße 86
42277 Wuppertal, Germany
Telephone   (+49) 202 - 8970796
Fax (+49) 202 - 89707957
Mobil (+49) 175 - 4052022
Owner Dipl. engineer Gregor Darius Haiduk
Entries in the register   Registry office:
District court Düsseldorf
Value added tax number:
5133 / 5114 WV
The authors hold the unrestricted copyright at the diagrams, presentations, the virtual 3D coffins as well as the animations. A duplication, equal to which kind, is without written permission of the authors not permitted!
Produced and cared for of   Arkadius Haiduk

Implementing of the animations   E-mail an CASA

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