The shape of coffins has more or less stayed the same throughout the last 150 years.

Since the Bauhaus era various reformatory efforts have failed to gain acceptance.

To put it like this:
the coffin is a Sleeping Beauty. Merely in the antiquated properties and symbolism of horrorfiction it is present and vivid.

"The coffin is one of the crossovers of individual existence and social life, an exchange place of the aesthetic and symbolic organization of the individual and the community.

It is important therefore to know which instances are involved in its elaboration in each case."

Philipp Weiß
Vom Totenbaum zum Designersarg
1993, ISBN 3-924-447-08-x

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Coffin oktavian (2003)

Material: Multiplex plate, thickness approx.. 2 cm.
Lacquer finish: Surface smoothly, matt shining, ruby-red.

Measurement: h = 48 cm, w = 64 cm, l = 200 cm

Bild groß

Bild groß

Coffin classik (2001)

Measurement: w - 57 cm, h - 78 cm, l - 200 cm

Bild groß

Bild groß


Coffin cross (2000)

Measurement: w - 76 cm, h - 54 cm, l - 198 cm

Bild groß

Bild groß


Coffin organ (2000)

Measurement: w -75cm, h - 56 cm, l - 210cm


Bild groß Bild groß


Prototyp 1 (1998)

Measurement: w - 70cm, h - 58cm, l - 205cm


Bild groß

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