In the past years, the cremation has won more meaning than ever. Especially in the industrial nations the quantity of cremations has highly increased.

The urn has the same function by this form of the funeral as a coffin by the traditional funeral.
Although the cremation is older than the funeral itself and the tradition is going back to the antiquity, the shapes of the urns have not been changed.

To Gregor Darius Haiduk every individual has its own form, own outlines and own physical lines.

"All impulses of the human being are adding up and in the personal explanation with a customer I put all these aspects together and design out of this an adequate form - an urn or a coffin."

If you are interested in a one-off production, then you arrange a view of
our urn unikate.

Orginal 4 - 1999   Orginal 7 - 1999  

Materials: Upper part: birchwood –
thin rolled metal, grinded
– Base: walnut luxury wood, lacquered
h - 47 cm, w - 40 cm, l - 48 cm
Materials: Upper part:
plywood – thin rolled metal,
grinded – Base: beech laquered
h - 50 cm, w - ca. 26 cm x 26 cm
Orginal 2 - 2000    

Materials: pyramid:
solid alder – cylinder: pine, maple,
thin plated metal tube
h - 52 cm, w - ca. 40 cm x 40 cm
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