The shape of urns and coffins has more or less stayed the same throughout the last 150 years.

Since the Bauhaus era various reformatory efforts have failed to gain acceptance.

Haiduk aims to achieve an adequate representation of the individual also after death:

"I design coffins, urns and tombs individually and adjusting to the emotional and aesthetical needs."


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New funeral house

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During the planning phase of my products
I remove from a solely rational view:

To me for example a coffin is more than
just a container fulfilling certain standards.

"I am more occupied with the person
being buried with it and I try to transform
the lifestyle and personality into its shape.“

O wise custom old person, which perfect ones, which became seriously and slowly nature attached, the people picture raised, directly if itself the spirit, the working separately to solve by pure flames activity.

Goethe's works, Hrsg. Karl Heinemann, Bd. 6, Leipzig, o. J. P. 303
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